// about us

Understand the world as it is, not as we imagine it to be. This is our daily challenge to comprehend the relationships between time, space, and characters. We are slaves – and victims – of our confirmation biases. We are less and less open to arguments that diverge from our beliefs. As we close ourselves in ever narrower groups, we automatically impose a sentence on our capacity for reflection. For an argument to flow freely, we have to understand time, space and character in an environment without prejudice, without bias. This is our narrative.

// what we do?

I have a degree in communication from PUC-SP and a master’s degree in political science from Georgetown University. I lived in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Washington and New York. I wrote for newspapers, magazines and had a quick radio experience. I reviewed books, interviewed interesting people, wrote essays, but quit journalism early, by choice. In advertising, I coordinated dozens of electoral and institutional works in Brazil and Latin America and helped a few brands, associations, leaders and people get rid of their biases and explore new initiatives.